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Sunday Fantasy Chat: Fantastic Finishes Edition

Scott Pianowski
Roto Arcade

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Inspired by some of today's thrilling conclusions, we'll set up our chat to coincide with the second half of the Lions and Saints and hope we get another famous final scene. Maybe we'll get lucky with an overtime match, like we saw in Arizona (you're spineless, Jason Garrett). Maybe it will be a back-and-forth pinball game, similar to the scene in the Meadowlands. Or perhaps a flashy fourth-quarter comeback will get our attention: come on, you can't deny the Tim Tebow story.

Save up your timeouts, toss your beads in the air and get your rally on. There's no deficit we can't overcome. Let's steer you to that Week 13 victory, and set up the Week 14 story. Attendance is mandatory. The chat will kick off at 10 pm ET or the opening of the second half in New Orleans, whichever comes first.


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