Yasiel Puig has a new hair style and it's kind of weird

Yasiel Puig got a hair cut, and it’s super strange. (Twitter/@maddc8)
Yasiel Puig got a hair cut, and it’s super strange. (Twitter/@maddc8)

Yasiel Puig, Los Angeles Dodgers outfielder, has a pretty incredible head of hair. Not only is it lush and curly, he’s also got a hairline that both men and women would kill for. At 26, he’s showing not even a whisper of hair loss.

Last time we checked in with Puig, he was sporting a slick style with shaved cutouts and several colors of Dodgers-themed hair dye. That was a playoff style, so what would Puig do for his post-baseball hair? Something Thanksgiving themed, perhaps?

Oh sweet fancy Moses. Yasiel, what have you done!?

Thanks to a Snapchat screenshot taken by Twitter user @maddc8, we can see exactly what he’s done. It looks like Puig took an electric razor to his glorious hairline and turned it into some kind of do-it-yourself widow’s peak. It’s got a point in the front, and then it dips way back on both sides so it looks like he’s balding. In the picture, you can even see the shaved remnants of his natural hairline, his now-giant forehead almost crying out to be covered by hair once again.

Why, Yasiel? Why? Your hair is gorgeous, your hairline divine, why would you do that to your head!?

Hopefully this isn’t a permanent hairstyle choice for Puig. It should be grown in by the time spring training starts. But by then he might have a totally new and weird hairstyle. We could all try and guess what it would look like, but we’d all probably be wrong.

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