Why the Boston Celtics should pay Jaylen Brown – not trade him

The Boston Celtics’ recent postseason failures vs. the Miami Heat in the 2023 Eastern Conference finals and changes to the NBA’s collective bargaining agreement (CBA) have led to calls for a shake-up of the ball club’s roster, with Jaylen Brown in particular drawing scrutiny from fans and analysts alike in recent days.

Brown’s performance in the playoffs has been rightfully criticized, but amid the critiques and calls for trades, some note his overall contributions make him an exceptionally valuable player, with the blame being cast on him for a team failure unfair. Moreover, on the CBA concerns, there has been pushback noting that the Celtics can’t afford to downgrade their talent and should focus on paying the Georgia native if the team wants to compete for a title in the near-term future.

Such is the case made in a new video from the folks at The Score, take a look for yourself in the clip embedded below to get their argument in full.

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Story originally appeared on Celtics Wire