West Ham v Luton Town: Sutton's predictions

Sutton's predictions against Serge Pizzorono

Chris Sutton is making predictions for every Premier League game this season against a variety of guests.

For this weekend's matches, he takes on Kasabian frontman Serge Pizzorno.

Sutton's prediction: 2-1

You could argue this is the perfect time to play West Ham, now we know David Moyes is set to leave as Hammers boss.

They have been on a poor run but I just wonder whether all the rumours that he would be stepping down at the end of the season affected some of the players.

I am not saying they have downed tools but, even sub-consciously, if you know your manager is not going to be there much longer, you may lose your edge.

So this is a chance for Luton, although they have wasted plenty of them already.

I don't actually think the Hatters should be in this situation and, if you go back through their games since the end of January, then their players should be really angry that they have not made more of the positions they have been in.

It means they really have to make this opportunity count, but I'm not convinced they can. They have not won an away league game since the end of last year.

Instead, I am going for West Ham to give Moyes a happy send-off in his final home game. He deserves one, anyway.

Serge's prediction: 1-2

I don't necessarily believe it will happen but just for the romance I really want Luton to win this one.

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