Week 1 Memphis kickoff return for a touchdown meant free jewelry for some

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<a class="link rapid-noclick-resp" href="/ncaaf/players/255453/" data-ylk="slk:Tony Pollard">Tony Pollard</a>’s 99-yard kickoff return in Week 1 was a big boon for some jewelry purchasers in Memphis. (Getty)
Tony Pollard’s 99-yard kickoff return in Week 1 was a big boon for some jewelry purchasers in Memphis. (Getty)

Some lucky customers of a jewelry store got their purchases for free after Memphis‘ Tony Pollard returned the opening kickoff of the second half for a touchdown vs. Louisiana-Monroe.

Memphis jewelry store Robert Irwin Jewelers had a preseason promotion that promised customers a full refund on items if the Tigers returned a kickoff for a TD in Week 1.

So Pollard, a man who can’t get rewarded for his on-field achievements by others because of NCAA rules, got people some free jewelry.

One man told the Memphis Commercial-Appeal that he spent $1,500 over his budget for an engagement ring because of the promotion. The Commercial-Appeal spoke with four men who got their engagement rings for free due to Pollard’s return. You should read all four of their stories.

The man who went over budget, identified as Howard because he hasn’t proposed just yet, said he went crazy. But in the hours after the touchdown return, he also had to remember to stay anonymous, lest his girlfriend find out he was about to propose.

“When it happened, I totally freaked,” Howard said. “I was jumping up and down, screaming. I called both my parents. I was literally doing cartwheels down my street.”

Howard went to Robert Irwin the next morning, just to make sure.

“Channel 5 was there, asking if I would do an interview, but I couldn’t very well be on camera saying I had won an engagement ring, could I?”

Memphis plays UCLA on Saturday for its first game since the 37-29 win over Louisiana-Monroe. The Tigers’ Week 2 game vs. Central Florida was canceled because of Hurricane Irma.

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