Watch: Sam Hartman’s epic run converts 4th down for Notre Dame

It looked like it was just about done for Notre Dame.

Trailing 14-13, the Irish faced a 4th and 16 at Duke that failing to convert would send them to 4-2.

The Irish needed a miracle to extend the game and quarterback Sam Hartman provided exactly that.

Duke dropped eight men in coverage and protected against pretty much anything down the field.  Hartman, who came up short on a pair of key fourth down runs last week against Ohio State, wasn’t coming up short this time.

If you haven’t seen it, check out the video below immediately.

Heck, if you were watching live, check out the video a time or two, or ten, below.

My instant thought went to John Elway in Super Bowl 32 when he helicoptered on a run to secure the win for the Broncos.

Sam Hartman.

Your table is ready.

Story originally appeared on Fighting Irish Wire