WATCH: Phillies' Brandon Marsh enters the beer chug pantheon at Flyers game

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WATCH: Phillies' Marsh enters the beer chug rankings originally appeared on NBC Sports Philadelphia

Phillies outfielder Brandon Marsh turned 25 years old last month, but he's still in his prime beer-drinking years. As a 28-year-old, I envy him. It goes downhill fast, Brandon.

And I'm glad Marsh is putting this part of his life to good use by slamming a beer on live television like he did Tuesday night at the Flyers game.

Marsh was sitting in a box with Phillies manager Rob Thomson and bench player Dalton Guthrie on Tuesday as the suddenly-hot Flyguys hosted the Ducks, and when the camera hit Marsh he knew exactly what to do:

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Let's watch some film:

  1. Marsh initiates the chug like a seasoned vet, and Guthrie doesn't hesitate to join in. Pretty sure he says "Hey, let's do it" as he looks at Marsh picking up his beer. Team player.

  2. Topper looks down to see if he still has a beer at his feet, but it seems he's all out. Either he's a beer behind or a beer ahead. I'm inclined to believe the skipper is outpacing his boys. It's not like he's gonna be the one running down fly balls in Clearwater next month.

  3. Marsh and Guthrie are both about half-done with their beverages already, so this performance doesn't exactly rival the legendary David Bakhtiari chugs of 2019 or Jason Kelce's 2022 postseason beer slam on the field at Citizens Bank Park. But it's still a respectable performance.

  4. Marsh's outfit doesn't exactly scream "25-year-old Tuesday night at the hockey game", does it? So classy. Love that he dove into the chug anyway. He could've ruined that overcoat! Fearless.

In his brief time with the Phillies, Marsh has already endeared himself as a fan-favorite with a number of impressive rangy plays in centerfield and a pair of postseason dingers. His bat still needs work, but he hit .288 with a .773 OPS and drove in 15 RBI in 41 games at the tail end of last year in Philly and is clearly the best defensive centerfielder the team has had in years. He's a good, young player with a personality to boot. A very solid trade by Dave Dombrowski.