Vikings coach Mike Zimmer had some advice for Aaron Rodgers after Packers drafted Jordan Love

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The Green Bay Packers shocked the world — and potentially their current star quarterback — by selecting Utah State passer Jordan Love in the first round of the 2020 NFL draft. While Aaron Rodgers hasn’t publicly reacted to the news, he’s likely working through a lot of emotions as he considers the pick. Thankfully, Minnesota Vikings head coach Mike Zimmer had some advice that could make Rodgers’ life easier.

That advice: Retire now.

Zimmer has made similar comments in the past, suggesting the Packers get rid of Rodgers. Zimmer has always made those comments in a joking manner, making it clear he’s sick of facing Rodgers twice a year. It’s made for a fun, curmudgeonly rivalry over the past couple years.

Given the subject, however, one would assume there’s truth in Zimmer’s statement. The Packers losing Rodgers would presumably weaken the team. That would make Zimmer’s job much easier. As much as Zimmer seems to enjoy teasing Rodgers, he would prefer an easier road to the postseason every year.

The Packers’ selection of Love suggests that time could be coming in the near future. Rodgers, 36, may have something to say about that, though. Rodgers didn’t put up MVP-caliber numbers last year, but still posted a 26-4 touchdown to interception ratio. He could still play at a high level for a couple seasons.

Because of that, things could be awkward between Love, Rodgers and the Packers in the near future. That doesn’t necessarily mean the team will struggle to win games, but Zimmer will appreciate any internal strife that gives the Vikings an edge.

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