Heisman odds update, CFP title future pick

Pam Maldonado updates you on the Heisman Trophy odds following the Championship Game weekend... I hope you have a Bryce Young ticket before this week. She also walks you through her college football title pick ahead following the release of the semifinal matchups.

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Video Transcript

- Well, welcome to the Yahoo Sportsbook Daily. It is Tuesday, December 7th. I'm your betting guide Pam Maldonado here to finish out the 2021 season, giving you an early look at the College Football playoffs, plus the current Heisman odds.

If you're like me, then you are holding a bracing to win the Heisman at 4 to 1 odds. Placed way back in September or even last week when I threw out a Yahoo article naming young at minus 200 odds as value prior to the Georgia match-up. The ship has sailed because the Alabama quarterback, all he needed to do was have a half decent game in the conference championship, and instead, he blew the roof off with performance over Georgia.

Throwing for 26 to 44, 421 yards, three touchdowns, and 0 interceptions. Georgia a top 10 unit in generating quarterback pressure had zero sacks against Young. And prior to that game, allowed no team to score more than 17 points.

Young and the Crimson Tide huge 41 to 24 score to win the SEC title game. He has the Heisman locked. And in no amount of love for Michigan's 8 and Hutchinson can overcome Young's performance.

If you are looking for a super long shot, maybe consider Alabama's linebacker Will Anderson Jr. 14 and 1/2 sacks, leads the FBS in sacks in the country. Young to win the Heisman though.

Now minus 6,000 favorite. Yes, makers sure are telling you that he has this award locked up. Speaking of Alabama, let's talk about the college football national championship.

Alabama is the AN favorite to win it all followed by Georgia at plus 135. Michigan plus 750 and Cincinnati, the first group of five school to make the playoff ever at plus 1,400. My prediction, I'm going to say it early. Alabama plus 120. And here's what I think.

Georgia 7 and 1/2 point favorites to Michigan in the orange ball should get the job done. Because the Bulldogs, they have done a great job this season of defeating rushing teams shutting out Arkansas 37 to 0, defeating Kentucky 30 to 13, and Tennessee 41 to 17. Michigan could perhaps make this a competitive match-up.

But this is Georgia's wheelhouse and should walk out with a win. Cincinnati, no way. 13 and 1/2 point underdogs to Alabama in the Cotton Bowl. And by no fault of their own, have faced the 96 strength of schedule.

And now has to face a future Heisman winner and Bryce Young and Nick Saban, the Bearcats. They're not going to be able to run on this Alabama defense. And I will take Young over Cincinnati quarterback.

Desmond Ridder, any day of the week and 365 days next year. Unless the Wolverines surprise. We could see Georgia versus Alabama rematch. The only adjustment to make apply pressure to Young who was sacked 0 times last week in the 41 to 24 win.

The difference maker, Young rushed for 40 yards in that game. His mobility was the game changer. And just like Young against Ritter, I will take young over Georgia quarterback Stanton Bennett every single time, who threw three passing touchdowns yet had two interceptions, three sacks in last week's SEC championship game.

If there was a long shot to take, sure maybe consider some pancake money on Michigan at 8 to 1. Just in case this is Harbaugh's lucky here. But my early prediction, I'm calling for the college football national championship. It is a boring pick. But let's go Bama.

You can follow me on Twitter Pamela35. You can follow all of our content over the Yahoo Sportsbook. Do make sure to tune in as well as we will have full previews and predictions for every single Bowl game, including the new year six matchups, the college football playoffs, and eventually, the college football national championship.

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Nick Bromberg will be back tomorrow to preview the army-navy game with a low-low total of 35 and 1/2 for this weekend on the next episode of The Yahoo Sportsbook Daily. But until then, goodbye, and good luck with your bet.