Vic Fangio hopes to end his pro football career in Philadelphia, where it started

Vic Fangio's first pro football coaching job was in 1984 as a 25-year-old defensive assistant on the Philadelphia Stars of the USFL. Now he's the 65-year-old defensive coordinator of the Philadelphia Eagles, and he hopes he's in the job he'll retire from.

"It was exactly 40 years ago when I started my pro coaching career across the street at Veterans Stadium, and I thought it'd be cool to hopefully end it here. So 40 years later, here I am," Fangio said. "It was a thrill for me to go to work at Veterans Stadium 40 years ago because I used to go to games there all the time, and now it's a thrill to come back 40 years later and hopefully finish it out here."

Asked if the Eagles will be the last team he ever coaches for, Fangio said he believes that to be the case but isn't going to make any predictions.

"I would think so, but as we all know in this business, nothing is guaranteed," Fangio said.

Fangio was born and raised in Dunmore, Pennsylvania, and he went to Eagles games as a kid. When the Eagles offered him the defensive coordinator job this offseason, he figured Philadelphia would be the best place for his swan song.