Ukraine's national hockey team defeats Spain at World Championship Division 1B

Photo: Champion
Photo: Champion

Ukraine's national hockey team defeated Spain in the fourth round of the World Championship Division 1B. The match, played at Twinsbet Arena in Vilnius, Lithuania, finished with the score 6:1.

Source: Champion

The game was fairly intense. The first period saw no goals, while the second opened with the Spaniards' successful shot. They used the advantage of the power play 10 seconds before it was over. Nonetheless, the Ukrainians were able to recover, thanks to Danyil Trakht's successful one-on-one attack.

At the start of the third period, Ukraine promptly gained superiority on the ice, and Stanislav Sadovikov scored after a great combination. Hlib Kryvoshapkin responded almost immediately with another goal. Then Viktor Zakharov landed a shot from a relatively considerable distance. During this time, Dmytro Khrystych's men went all in and faced no resistance from Spain, scoring five goals.

World Hockey Championship.

4th round.

Division 1B.

Twinsbet Arena, Vilnius, Lithuania.

Ukraine - Spain 6:1 (0:0, 1:1, 5:0)

Currently, the Ukrainian team leads Division 1B with the most points scored. Previously, Ukraine defeated Estonia in the first round, the Netherlands confidently won the second round, and China was severely outmatched in the third round. It should be noted that only the team on the top line of the standings will advance to Division 1A.


  • Ukraine - 12 points (4 matches), 27:1 (goal difference)

  • Lithuania - 9 (3), 12:3

  • China - 6 (3), 10:10

  • Estonia - 2 (3), 5:17

  • Spain - 1 (4), 5:20

  • Netherlands - 0 (3), 2:10

Ukraine's next fixture is against Lithuania. The match will take place on 3 May, beginning at 19:30 Kyiv time.

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