Tyson Bagent has the NFL's lowest sack percentage, Justin Fields the second-highest

For proof that sacks are primarily a reflection on the quarterback who takes them, and not on the offensive line protecting him, look no further than the Chicago Bears.

The Bears have played two quarterbacks this season, Tyson Bagent and Justin Fields, and their sack rates are polar opposites.

Among the 33 quarterbacks with enough dropbacks to qualify, Bagent ranks first in the NFL, having been sacked on just 3.4 percent of his dropbacks. Fields ranks 32nd, the second-worst in the NFL, having been sacked on 12.9 percent of his dropbacks.

This has been a common theme of Fields' career: In 2022, Fields was sacked on 14.7 percent of his dropbacks. The other quarterbacks who played for the Bears last year (Trevor Siemian, Nathan Peterman and Tim Boyle) were collectively sacked on 4.8 percent of their dropbacks. In 2021, Fields' rookie year, he was sacked on 11.8 percent of his dropbacks. The Bears' other quarterbacks (Andy Dalton and Nick Foles) were collectively sacked on 7.5 percent of their dropbacks.

Fields, now in his third NFL season, hasn't progressed in his ability to recognize pressure and get rid of the ball quickly. He's a good runner who can make plays with his legs when he's pressured, but too often he relies on his legs when he needs to stay in the pocket and throw the ball.

With Fields' thumb getting better, he may return to the field, with Bagent returning to the bench, on Sunday against the Lions. Detroit's pass rush will be licking its chops.