Twitter reacts to icicles growing on Chiefs HC Andy Reid’s mustache

The Kansas City Chiefs are playing against the Miami Dolphins in sub-zero temperatures at Arrowhead Stadium tonight, and fans have been documenting the absolutely brutal weather conditions on social media all day.

While snow isn’t playing a factor in the game, the exceedingly cold air has made life difficult for players on the field and made the viewing experience less than comfortable for those in attendance.

One of the more comical aspects of the night’s events is happening right under Chiefs head coach Andy Reid’s nose. The decorated skipper’s signature mustache has been growing literal icicles on Kansas City’s frigid sideline, and users on Twitter made a point to comment about his cartoonish look while watching the Saturday night matchup.

While the Chiefs are heading into halftime with a two-score lead over Miami, the condition of Reid’s cookie broom is starting to dominate the discourse about the game online.

Check out some of Twitter’s top reactions to Reid’s remarkable frozen facial hair:

Story originally appeared on Chiefs Wire