Twitter reacts to Audric Estime’s fourth-quarter touchdown

Notre Dame was living dangerously against Syracuse, allowing its lead to be whittled down to a single touchdown. Many Irish fans hesitantly waited for the other shoe to drop and the game to be tied. Then, Howard Cross and Marist Liufau teamed up to do this:

With just a little over half the field to work with, Tommy Rees began the drive by calling Chris Tyree’s number five straight times. Then, Drew Pyne completed an 11-yard pass to Deion Colzie. A pass interference then put the Irish in the red zone, and Audric Estime covered the rest of the field on the next play:

A 31-17 fourth-quarter lead put the Irish on the verge of upsetting the ranked Orange at home. The Estime touchdown was seen by many as the moment  the Irish might have put this game out of reach. Here’s how some happy folks reacted to this touchdown on Twitter:

Niele Ivey

Charles English

Hayden Adams

Judith Shuller

Sean Gallagher

Wayne Nolley

David Thomas

Andy Hoffmann

Grant Kercher

Story originally appeared on Fighting Irish Wire