Twitch announces plans to sell games through its streams

Streaming platform Twitch has announced it will be launching a new feature which will allow anyone watching a broadcast to purchase the game being streamed. This will include video games and in-game content.

According to the press release, game developers will be able to make offers to those who are watching their games on Twitch and streamers will be able to earn money from purchases made on their channels.

Users who make purchases through Twitch will be rewarded with a free Twitch Crate containing “randomized drops of items tailored to Twitch users, such as exclusive emotes, chat badges, and Bits for Cheering.”

Soon, you’ll be able to buy games through Twitch. (Twitch)
Soon, you’ll be able to buy games through Twitch. (Twitch)

Twitch confirmed to Yahoo Esports that the option to buy the game being streamed will automatically pop-up on all partnered streamers’ broadcasts.

Games will be purchased and downloaded through the Twitch launcher or publisher-run services such as Ubisoft’s Uplay.

Users will be able to buy games and in-game items on channel and game detail pages, with 70 percent of the revenue going to developers. Partnered Twitch streamers will earn 5 percent of sales made from their channel pages.

Twitch will be launching the English language version of the feature worldwide in spring 2017 with USD pricing. Localized versions will be coming “later in the year.” Game developers and publishers interested in selling products on Twitch can visit the Twitch website for more information.