Trevor Story's Statcast-record 505-foot shot wasn't his only absurd homer of the night

Even by the standards of three-homer games, Trevor Story had a wild night Wednesday at Coors Field.

The Rockies shortstop entered the Statcast history books with a solo home run in the fourth inning measured at 505 feet, breaking Giancarlo Stanton’s two year old record of 504 feet. Statcast’s data goes back to 2015, when MLB started using the measuring system.

It shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise that both Story’s and Stanton’s record homers came at Coors Field, but it’s not like lazy swings gave either player his long ball.

Trevor Story’s record 505-foot home run

Facing Giants starter Andrew Suarez, Story saw a 1-1 fastball on the inside corner and crushed it to the Coors left field concourse. It was neither Story’s first nor last homer of the night, and it might not have even been his craziest.

Trevor Story’s off-balance 459-foot homer

It traveled 46 feet fewer than his record homer, but 459 feet is still an impressive distance for a long ball, and even more impressive when you see the position of the pitch Story hit and where Story ended up after his swing.

So Story took a 2-2 inside slider, basically a pitch designed to get either a strikeout or an awkward swing, and managed to turn on it enough to propel it 459 feet through the Coors Field air. The pitch required enough of an adjustment that Story fell over at the end of his swing and landed with his behind on home plate. That is what pure power looks like.

Story added a third home run by ambushing a first-pitch changeup from Suarez in the sixth inning, though that one didn’t set a record or end with Story on the ground. Add in that 416-foot shot, and Story ended up with 1,380 feet in home runs on Wednesday.

Trevor Story’s flirtation with history

Story then had a chance to enter the vaunted four-homer club in the eighth inning, but he struck out swinging against Giants flamethrower Ray Black. Story received a brutal treatment from Black, who managed to plant 100-mph fastballs on the corners three different times to finally keep Story inside the park.

Even without the fourth homer, Story’s night was still notable from a historic standpoint. It was the 17th three-homer game in Rockies history, and the first ever to be done from the shortstop position. The 25-year-old Story is also the second-youngest Rockies player to go deep three times in a game, behind only the 24-year-old Luis Ortiz in 2001.

Even as far as three-homer games go, Trevor Story had a wild night at the plate. (AP Photo)
Even as far as three-homer games go, Trevor Story had a wild night at the plate. (AP Photo)

Wednesday night was just the latest big game in a breakout season for Story, who made his first career All-Star team this season and is now hitting .298/.354/.566 on the season. While it’s easy to chalk that whole performance up to Coors Field, Story also ranks fourth among MLB shortstops this season in wRC+, a statistic designed to measure offensive value that adjusts for park effects.

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