Travis Kelce: Chiefs will begin preparing for Baltimore Ravens game next month

If the Chiefs are in the running for the top seed by the end of December, fans and pundits alike will look back to Kansas City’s first two games in September.

The Chiefs open the season against the Ravens and Bengals, two teams that could challenge the Chiefs for supremacy in the AFC.

Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce is excited about facing Baltimore in the NFL Kickoff Game.

“We got the Ravens baby and got them in the first game of the year. So everybody should be healthy and everybody should be feeling good and ready to rock and roll,” Kelce said this week on the New Heights podcast. “I mean, I love a good powerhouse matchup to start off the season.

“I think it gets everybody excited for football and sure enough, they’re gonna see some of the best football being played. So I’m definitely geared up for that and I know the Ravens will be fired up to play us. that’s for damn sure.”

Kelce went on to praise Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson, who was the NFL MVP a season ago. Jackson’s speed and elusiveness make him difficult to tackle, and Kelce said Jackson has bulked up in recent years.

The Chiefs will begin preparations for the Ravens nearly three months before kickoff, Kelce noted. That’ll start at the mandatory minicamp, which is set for June 11-13.

“We usually get a little bit of a head-start,” Kelce noted.

Playing the Bengals

The Chiefs will have another AFC Championship Game rematch in Week 2.

The Bengals, who played the Chiefs in the 2021 and 2022 title games, are returning to Arrowhead Stadium.

“We’ve always played the Bengals in December, or like January, and in my head, I’m like, ‘Man, I really just want to save that game and the excitement and the hype of that game for the playoffs,’” Kelce said. “Now with that being said, it comes around in the playoffs and you’re still excited and it’s still and unbelievable matchup but I think it’s cool that this year we play the Ravens early, we play the Bengals early, and those are going to be two of the best teams in the National Football League.

“I’m excited and it gets those two under our belt and kind of gives us someway to kind of like gauge where we are amongst those teams early on, and I like to see where I’m at and see what direction I need to go right now, if that makes sense.”