Top NFL insider isn’t yet convinced Ben Johnson will be the Commanders head coach

Adam Schefter of ESPN is the No. 1 newsbreaker for all things NFL. When Schefter tweets something, it’s always right. No NFL reporter is more plugged in than Schefter.

Now that the Super Bowl matchup is decided and only two head coaching jobs remain, Schefter appeared on Monday’s edition of “The Pat McAfee Show” to discuss those openings.

Schefter certainly thinks Lions offensive coordinator Ben Johnson is the next head coach for the Washington Commanders. Right?

What about Cowboys defensive coordinator Dan Quinn returning to Seattle as its new head coach?

The Ravens and Lions lost on Sunday, meaning that four of the finalists for the two remaining openings could be hired now.

OK, back to Johnson and the Commanders. While almost everyone else believes Johnson to Washington is a “foregone conclusion,” Schefter doesn’t buy into that notion.

“I’m not convinced yet that Ben Johnson is getting the Commanders’ job,” Schefter said. “I know people have said that he is the presumptive favorite, and he may get the job; he very well may; he is in contention, but that is not a slam dunk at all right now. They are definitely looking at other people, as well. And again, they may come back to Ben Johnson, but I think that they are pretty impressed with (Ravens DC) Mike Macdonald,  (Lions DC) Aaron Glenn and (Ravens AHC/DL coach) Anthony Weaver, as well. I think those guys are going to have a legitimate chance to get that job.”

Schefter then turned toward Johnson’s interview with Seattle.

“Ben Johnson’s also in play in Seattle,” Schefter said. “So you have to see if he doesn’t get Washington. Is he in Seattle? Or does Seattle pull an upset? People have said here that they think Ben Johnson is going to Washington and Dan Quinn is going to Seattle, and I will bet you, at a minimum, one of those is not right. At a minimum……maybe both.”

This is Schefter, so you must take this seriously. While all of the other NFL insiders from multiple networks, including some of Schefter’s colleagues at ESPN, all believe Johnson is heading to Washington.

Is this a case of the Commanders letting Schefter believe this search is still wide open, or is Washington sincerely waiting to complete interviews before making an offer?

The Commanders interviewed Weaver and Macdonald on Monday, while Johnson interviewed with the Seahawks. Washington is scheduled to interview Quinn, Johnson, and Glenn on Tuesday.

Will the Commanders have a decision by Wednesday?

It shouldn’t be long.

Story originally appeared on Commanders Wire