Tom Aspinall on fan backlash for calling UFC to strip Jon Jones from title: ‘I’m just trying to get my dream fight’

It seems like Tom Aspinall has been feeling the heat on social media after calling for Jon Jones to be stripped of his UFC heavyweight title.

Aspinall, who won the interim title earlier this month, made some bold comments and said Jones should have the title stripped while he recovers from a torn pectoral muscle. He also added that he should be the undisputed champion and defend against Stipe Miocic, as he waits for Jones.

Although many agreed with Aspinall’s comments, others didn’t, and they made sure to let him know.

“You see a lot of online trolls, but mate – I’m just trying to get my dream fight,” Aspinall told Michael Bisping. “Give me a break. I’m trying to fight one of the legends. That’s all.

“I’ll fight everyone. I’ve got another 10 years in this sport before it’s over, and I’m going to fight these other guys. I would love to get a crack at these two guys before they retire just to get it on my resume. I’m not getting beyond myself or anything like that. I just want a crack at the guys I’ve been watching for the last 10 years. I’m a massive fan of the sport and I think it would be brilliant. That’s all. I’m not out there hating on anybody. I respect these guys.”

Aspinall (14-3 MMA, 7-1 UFC) won the interim belt when he knocked out Sergei Pavlovich in the UFC 295 co-main event. That fight was made on just two weeks’ notice in response to Jones’ training injury, which scrapped his title fight against Miocic. That have been indications the UFC wants Jones to defend the belt against Miocic in his return sometime in mid-2024. Both fighters have been rumored to be on the brink of retirement.

Aspinall said he’s yet to hear from the UFC in terms of its plans with him. When asked if he thinks he’ll fight both or either Jones or Miocic before they retire, Aspinall was unsure.

“I don’t know to be honest,” Aspinall said. “But I know you have to shoot your shot, and sometimes you have to be vocal about it. It’s usually not my style to be out there vocal and calling the shots and this and that, but as I said, it’s my dream – and anyone knocking someone for trying to get their dream fights and dream experience, it’s just silly.

“I would love to experience that before they retire and see how I get on, see how my skills match up. … I’m trying to challenge myself and live my dream while I have the chance.”

Story originally appeared on MMA Junkie