Titans OL coach Bill Callahan literally invented his own sled

As if Tennessee Titans offensive line coach Bill Callahan didn’t bring enough to the table already with his being one of the best in the business at his job, he’s also an inventor.

During the first day of rookie minicamp, Titans players were using new sleds, dubbed “Olga” and “Bertha”, both of which were invented by Callahan during his time in Washington.

“Some background on this new sled: Was invented by O-line coach Bill Callahan,” Jim Wyatt wrote. “It weighs 380 pounds, per Latham. I’ve watched every lineman struggle with it during offseason program. Latham figured out the right technique to move it pretty quickly.”

“It’s designed in a way to more accurately mimic what it feels like to have to clamp and brace on what a normal defender would feel like,” head coach Brian Callahan explained. “Some of the old-school sleds, they don’t really give you that same balance issue. And they’re really hard to move, I can’t tell you how hard those things are to move, and to move straight. Because they tip and they’re off balance, they’re meant to really stress guys’ ability to strengthen their core, keeping their hands tight and be able to drive the sled vertically, as opposed to getting all off kilter. It’s a balance thing. So, there’s a lot of indoctrination that goes into those sleds. Our guys, even now, it’s taken them a couple of weeks to feel good about moving them the way they’re supposed to move. It’s fun to watch, I like watching those guys do it but they improve pretty quickly, it happens fast.”

The Titans will be back on the practice field for Day 2 of rookie minicamp on Saturday. You can check out some of the highlights from Friday’s session right here.

Story originally appeared on Titans Wire