Tim Tebow says he 'still' has offers to go play other positions in football

It seems strange to step back and realize that Tim Tebow is already 30 years old. He won his Heisman Trophy more than 10 years ago.

By now, after being cut by multiple NFL teams and taking up a new career as an outfielder in the New York Mets organization, it would seem any of his football dreams would be entirely dead. For his huge legion of fans who still hope that Tebow will play football again, there’s perhaps a slight, tiny flicker of hope.

In an interview with CNBC’s Suzy Welch, Tebow said he has “offers to go play other positions.”

“Is there a point where you say, let’s talk about pro football, right?” Welch asked. “I mean, there was a moment where you said, okay, it’s not gonna happen for me in pro football. I’m going to baseball. Yeah?”

“Well, no. It wasn’t like that,” Tebow said. “I mean, I still have offers to go play other positions in … ”

“Not play quarterback, though,” Welch said, interrupting what sounded like it might be a very interesting answer.

“For me, it was doing more of my dream, because I loved playing quarterback,” Tebow continued. “But I love hitting a baseball, too. So I’m gonna go live out my dreams, not just what other people want me to do. You know?”

In the clip on CNBC’s site Welch didn’t follow up, so no specifics were offered on the offers Tebow said he has. Does someone have a standing invitation to let him play tight end, even though he last played a preseason game in 2013 with the New England Patriots? Maybe fullback or another position, and is it in the NFL or the CFL? It’s hard to believe an NFL team would sign Tebow to play a different position considering he’ll be 31 years old by the regular-season opener, but he was a fantastic athlete and his work ethic is remarkable.

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Realistically, it’s not going to happen anyway. If Tebow was going to change positions, he would have done so long ago. If an NFL team was going to give him another chance at quarterback, it would have happened already. But for the Tebow supporters who still talk about him (usually bringing up “his record” as a quarterback with the Denver Broncos), they can still dream.

Tim Tebow told CNBC he still has offers to go play positions other than quarterback in football. (AP)
Tim Tebow told CNBC he still has offers to go play positions other than quarterback in football. (AP)

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