Teams to touch base with Nets about trades for Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irving

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Despite the news that Kyrie Irving decided to pick up his option to stay with the Brooklyn Nets, there are still rumors that the guard isn’t going to stay with the franchise as rival teams are still making calls.

According to NBA insider Adrian Wojnarowski of ESPN, teams are going to “touch base” with the organization to ensure that they want to keep the duo together throughout the season.

Wojnarowski said the following:

“I don’t know if the drama is over. I think certainly there’s going to have to be something of a reset in Brooklyn as they move forward not just with Kyrie Irving, but with Kevin Durant. Now they’re both under contract this season. Obviously Kevin Durant’s got four years left on his deal, and so essentially Kyrie Irving’s on an expiring contract and teams are going to continue to touch base with Brooklyn to make sure that they plan to keep this group together, that they plan to continue to build a team in the offseason around them and that’s what the nets plan to do. But I think there’s gonna have to be a point here, either through free agency or in the offseason, where Kyrie Irving, Kevin Durant, really start to reengage with the organization with their teammates with their coaching staff, and really starting to do some team building for an organization that still very much has the talent to compete for a championship.

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