Steve Clifford praises Steph Curry following Warriors win

Steph Curry helped the Golden State Warriors secure their third straight win with a victory over the Charlotte Hornets on Friday (March. 29). The veteran superstar ended the game with 23 points and 4 assists on 50% shooting from the field and 36.4% shooting from 3-point range.

During his post-game press conference, Hornets head coach Steve Clifford praised Curry as both a player and a competitior. He noted how the superstar guard has an edge, and how he competes at an elite level despite being undersized compared to some of the defenders he faces in the NBA.

“We spent a good chunk of time today on him,” Clifford said. “What he does off the ball. His pick-and-rolls. His dribble hand-offs. Because he’s so different…You have to have an edge. He’s not 6-foot-7. He’s talented. But he grew up around the game and he learned all this stuff…You don’t go out and play against all these guys they play against, and you’re one of the guys that they talk about, that they scheme for, and do what he does. His skill level is incredible, but to me, it’s the mental part. His toughness and the competitive spirit.”

Curry will go down in history as one of the greatest guards to ever play the game. He will also be seen as one of the most impactful players of his generation.

With his time in the league winding down, it makes sense that everybody is talking about what makes Curry great. However, he still has a couple more seasons ahead of him. So, there is still more to come and more to learn about him. Warriors fans will be hoping some of those final lessons come en route to another championship banner.

Story originally appeared on Warriors Wire