Steelers legendary QB Terry Bradshaw on what Kenny Pickett needs to be successful

The biggest roster decision head coach Mike Tomlin and new offensive coordinator Arthur Smith must sort out this offseason is which quarterback gives the Pittsburgh Steelers the best chance to win and which quarterback will best make use of the talent on the team.

According to Steelers legend Terry Bradshaw, that quarterback is Kenny Pickett. But he says it with some huge caveats. Bradshaw talks up the poise of Pickett and his potential then follows it up with a laundry list of players the team needs to put around him to make him great.

Why is (Brock) Purdy successful with the 49ers? Look at all that talent and look at that coach calling plays. And that kid’s got the poise. Kenny has the poise. I just want my quarterback to be poised. If he’s poised, then his brain is gonna be calm, he’s gonna see the coverages, he’s gonna be quick with his decision-making, and Pickett has all of that.

Build Pickett up. Get him a receiver, get him an explosive tight end, give him another tackle, a guard. Have the ability to protect him. Give him guys on the outside. This is a passing league now. Give him people out there that can run and catch the football and that are smart. He’s fine. That’s their guy.

If a quarterback with all the talent the Steelers already have still needs all the players Bradshaw listed, are they really the answer?

Story originally appeared on Steelers Wire