Steelers had interest in Deebo Samuel, but declined to meet 49ers' asking price

It started with Brandon Aiyuk. It continued with Deebo Samuel. In the end, the Steelers have traded for neither of them.

So far.

Mike Silver of the San Francisco Chronicle reports that the Steelers had interest in Samuel, but that they were unwilling to meet the 49ers' asking price.

Previously, the Steelers had inquired about Aiyuk. At the time, the 49ers weren't interested in trading him. As the draft approached, the door seemed to open — as to both receivers.

Trading Samuel would result in a $21.793 million cap charge. That also would unload his base salary of $20.792 million.

An Aiyuk trade would result in no cap consequences.

Meanwhile, the 49ers drafted receiver Ricky Pearsall at No. 31. Which would suggest that they're still willing to explore moving either guy.