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The Colorado Rapids made the traditional MLS champions visit to the White House and presented Obama with the No. 10 shirt. Barry then proved that he knows who Lionel Messi is. [101gg]

Brazil stars will make you jealous with all of their Nike swag. [The Beautiful Gear]

If you have heartstrings, "The Little Team" are about to yank them. [KCKRS]

Kasey Keller pantsed his teammate. [Kickette]

On being Mexican-American and picking sides in the Gold Cup. [Good Men]

Gallery: George Best at Ipswich. [IBWM]

Someone stole Fiorentina manager Sinisa Mihajlovic's sunglasses. I hope it wasn't Artur. [Unprofessional Foul]

The Liverpool/Man United interface. [Surreal Football]

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