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It's no secret that much of the American media is blissfully ignorant to the MLS (and football in general), so during FC Dallas' media day striker Jeff Cunningham decided to play a joke on one interviewer by saying his name was Freddy Adu.

Now, Cunningham was the league's leading scorer last season and has 14 caps with the U.S. national team and Adu is perhaps one of the best known footballers in the country, so the fact that the interviewer doesn't seem to pick up on Cunningham's joke is almost more sad than funny. Almost. 

At the end of the clip, you can see that Cunningham did get a chuckle out of it and he probably thought that was that. But the media always gets the last laugh, this time in the form of an intriguing "suggested search" on the local Fox affiliate's website that carried the video...

Take that, Jeff Cunningham! Instead of offering your real name as a suggested search, they use every other keyword for the story plus the insultingly menacing term "fatal virgin."

That'll teach those obnoxious soccerball players, expecting the people who cover them to know who they are.

Thanks to Johnny for the tip!

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Dirty Tackle

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