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FERNANDO TORRES, SPAIN. With the Spanish having so many standouts in their 1-0 win over Germany, it almost seems unfair to single out one man. Torres' superb finish was the difference between the two teams though, and he was unlucky not to add another goal when his header hit the post.


1. That there is some justice. Spain deserved to lift the trophy after entertaining us all for the past three weeks. They held their nerve and proved their big-game credentials emphatically.

2. That this German team needs a shakeup if it wants to challenge in the next World Cup. Michael Ballack is said to be considering international retirement and the defense needs a drastic overhaul.


1. If Euro 2012 is going to be held in Poland and Ukraine, then there needs to be some positive action – and quickly. Guarantees and promises are no good. Unless the co-hosts (especially Ukraine) can show that political red tape and disorganization is not going to impact the event, then it should be relocated to a more appropriate venue.

2. For the suggestion to raise the number of teams in the tournament to 24 to be ratified. There are enough good teams in Europe to ensure that the quality would not be diluted too much and the fans would get to see up to 20 more games, depending on the new format.

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