Shawn Porter calls on Keith Thurman and Danny Garcia to step up to fight him

Kevin IoleCombat columnist

Yahoo Sports had the opportunity for an extended conversation with former welterweight champion Shawn Porter, who made news last week by going into the ring after Danny Garcia knocked out Brandon Rios and aggressively confronting him.

At 0:45, Porter expresses his ultimate devotion for the Cleveland Browns.

At 2:01, Porter talks about Showtime’s Jim Gray getting upset at him for coming into the ring to confront Garcia. “I’m still afraid to text Jim since that happened,” Porter said.

At 2:25, Porter talks about what he was doing by going into the ring.

At 3:45, Porter talks about his injured hand and the decision he has to make as a result.

At 4:58, Porter said, “I’m going to get into the ring with the best, no matter what.”

At 5:38, we talk about all of the great welterweights and discuss whether Porter would be interested in fighting Terence Crawford.

At 7:45, Porter says he’d be fine fighting either Keith Thurman or Garcia next.

At 8:20, I ask who he thinks is the better fighter between Thurman and Errol Spence Jr., who hold three of the four welterweight belts.

At 11:25, Porter talks about the coordination needed to box at a high level and how much he works on his footwork.

At 12:30, Porter discusses the improvements he made in November against Adrian Granados.

At 14:21, Porter talks about controlling distance and how important that is for a boxer.

At 15:26, Porter says Floyd Mayweather Jr. is the best boxer he’s seen at being able to judge distance.

At 16:44, Porter says he’s no longer interested in avenging his loss to Kell Brook because Brook has lost several recent fights.

At 18:40, Porter picks the fight he believes was his best performance.

At 20:45, Porter explains why he won’t give up on being a Cleveland Browns fan despite their recent struggles.

WBA-WBC champion Keith Thurman (L) makes a point to former IBF champion Shawn Porter. (Getty Images)
WBA-WBC champion Keith Thurman (L) makes a point to former IBF champion Shawn Porter. (Getty Images)


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