Sean McVay: Everything’s got to be up for debate after loss to Bucs

The Rams offense has struggled all season and things may have hit their lowest point against the Buccaneers on Sunday.

They went three-and-out eight times while producing a season-low 206 yards of offense in a 16-13 loss. After the game was over, cornerback Jalen Ramsey sounded off about the offense’s shortcomings and head coach Sean McVay said that “changes have to be made” in the weeks to come.

McVay said that he didn’t know exactly what will be different, but that “everything’s got to be up for debate” as the team tries to salvage its season.

“We’re gonna stay connected throughout this,” McVay said, via Sarah Barshop of “But we do have to be able to look inward and figure out what are some of the solutions, changes, adjustments, different things that we have to do to be able to get different results and different production from our offense. . . . As coaches we’re responsible for identifying the problems and trying to provide solutions, and then the player’s job to be able to go execute and be able to get it done. I have to be able to do my part first and foremost for them to be able to do theirs. And that’s where you always look at. You want to look inward first.”

The trade deadline has passed and there are limited options to shake things up in-house at this point in the season. The team has talked about re-signing wide receiver Odell Beckham on multiple occasions, but nothing has happened on that front and his return might not be enough to change the course of a season that has not gone how the Rams hoped.

Sean McVay: Everything’s got to be up for debate after loss to Bucs originally appeared on Pro Football Talk