Sean McDermott: It's narrow-minded to say Bills haven't succeeded without a Super Bowl

Bills head coach Sean McDermott knows that a Super Bowl is the ultimate goal, and his team has fallen short in each of his seven seasons at the helm. But don't tell him Buffalo hasn't had success.

McDermott told Tom Pelissero of NFL Network that the Super Bowl isn't the only measure of a coach's accomplishments, of quarterback Josh Allen's accomplishments, or of the team's accomplishments.

"I think like anything, when you talk about the Bills, whether it's Josh, myself, our team, we’ve had so much success," McDermott said. "What's left for Josh and for all of us is to take that one more step that we need to take. To say we haven't had success or Josh hasn't had success, I think would be kind of narrow-minded. It's hard to win in the NFL, so you kind of regroup every year, and you take it one game at a time. But we're all looking for Josh to really be that face of the franchise, like he's been, and continuing to evolve, like he's always done."

McDermott has made the playoffs in six of his seven seasons as head coach, so in that respect it's fair to say they've had success. But teams and coaches are ultimately judged on championships, and McDermott doesn't have one yet. Until he's been to a Super Bowl, and won a Super Bowl, he hasn't had the success every coach is seeking.