Sean Dyche baffled why Everton were punished more harshly than Nottingham Forest

Sean Dyche

Everton manager Sean Dyche is baffled as to why his club received a heavier points penalty than relegation rivals Nottingham Forest for breaching Profit and Sustainability rules.

Forest are appealing a four-point deduction having been found guilty of overspending by £34.5 million.

Earlier this season, Everton were initially handed a 10-point penalty for a breach of £19.5 million, which was later reduced to six points. The Premier League independent commission cited Forest’s co-operation in the investigation as a factor in their reduced charge.

“Maybe there’s different reasons. I can only imagine there is more depth to it which is why they gave them that points and us that points,” said Dyche.

“So in its simplest form yeah, I think everyone’s going well, how does that work out? That’s for them to decide.”

Everton may yet be punished again. A second hearing related to their last set off accounts was held this week with a ruling expected within seven days.

After the shock of the last punishment, Everton are braced for what comes next in a traumatic season.

“I think the last one jolted everyone in football so I think really we’re just waiting now because I don’t think anyone has concrete proof how or which way these things will go, particularly after the first one,” said Dyche.

“I think it is just from our point of view we can only give the information that’s appropriate. I wasn’t there obviously but so I’m told we’ve given every bit of information that we can give, and hope that they see accordingly what the club has been trying to do to make sure we’re in the right areas they need us to be in.

“So therefore, we hope that it comes to nothing.”

Meanwhile, Dyche has played down reports of an altercation with defender Nathan Patterson during a club bonding trip to Portugal.

There were reports skipper James Tarkowski had to intervene after a ‘playful slap’ by the manager upset the 22-year-old full-back.

“I tapped him on the head like an older brother would and he didn’t get the joke. It’s really that simple,” said Dyche, 52.

“Never let the truth get in the way of a good story. Nothing in it really.”

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