Sarah Gorden says Dash security enforced COVID-19 protocols against her, but not white players

Chicago Red Stars defender Sarah Gorden is not happy with the way she was treated following a game against the Houston Dash on Friday. Gorden says a Dash security guard singled her out when enforcing COVID-19 protocols while white players on the Dash were allowed to be near their families.

Gorden, 28, laid out her story in a Twitter thread Saturday. Gorden said her boyfriend came down the steps to talk to her, and a security guard threatened to arrest Gorden's boyfriend if he came too close.

Gorden — who is Black — said she didn't realize it was a racial issue until she noticed members of the Dash talking closely with their families.

Gorden asked the security guard why she was being singled out. He reportedly said he was going to speak with the other players later, but did not, according to Gorden. The final tweet in Gorden's thread read, "This is just another reason why we kneel."

Dash say team violated COVID rules, apologize

The Dash responded to Gorden's accusations Saturday, releasing a statement saying Dash players violated COVID-19 protocols following Friday's game.

The Dash don't mention Gorden by name, but address her thread. That part of the statement reads:

"We are aware of comments made by a player from Chicago this morning, and would like to assure her and the Red Stars organization that our staff was entirely focused on COVID safety, and we apologize to her and the club for anything that may have created an impression to the contrary."

Players on the Dash were addressed Saturday to prevent the situation doesn't occur again.

While the Dash admitted COVID protocols were broken following Friday's game, it did not explain why Gorden was singled out by security.

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