Who Is Samantha on "Euphoria" Season 2?

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Photo credit: HBO
Photo credit: HBO

Euphoria has introduced many new characters in season two. From Fez's grandmother to Faye, Elliot, and Laurie, these new faces have significantly impacted the teen dramedy no matter how big or small their roles. Samantha is one of this season's latest and equally mysterious additions.

Viewers first got a glimpse of Samantha in episode one as Maddy babysat her son, Theo. While Maddy spent time in Samantha's home, she didn't come out of her shell until episode six. She became a sounding board, letting Maddy in on her personal experience with relationships and betrayal. While we have to wait and see how Maddy and Samantha's relationship continues to unfold, here's everything that we know about Samantha so far.

Who is Samantha?

Up until episode six, Samantha was an elusive character. Maddy often played dress-up in her lavish clothes and spent time with her friend in Samantha's pool. When Maddy thought she'd gotten caught red-handed for playing in Samantha's closet, she was stunned when Samantha only asked her to unzip her dress.

Her close relationship with Maddy progressed in episode six when they hung out together in her pool and drank wine while the teen revealed the betrayal of Cassie and Nate's new relationship.

Photo credit: Eddy Chen - HBO
Photo credit: Eddy Chen - HBO

Samantha revealed that, like Maddy, she had been through something similar in her "very messy" 20s, but unlike Maddy, she was the person committing the friendship foul. She revealed that she'd slept with her bestie's ex-boyfriend during college because "he gave me just the right of attention at the wrong time."

When Maddy talked about giving up on love, Samantha encouraged her. According to the wife and mom, her husband Sebastian's proposal came as a "complete shock" because she was "messy" and "loves to fight."

The nature of Samantha and Maddy's relationship quickly came under scrutiny online. Some viewers believed that Samantha could be grooming Maddy for a romantic relationship because she asked her to unzip her dress and gave the minor alcohol.

Others thought that she was using a nanny cam to catch Maddy in the act of stealing or using her clothes.

She's played by Minka Kelly

Minka Kelly, best known for her role in Friday Night Lights, stars as Samantha. She previously appeared in Parenthood, Charlie's Angels, and Almost Human.

Euphoria isn't Minka's only HBO Max series. Since 2018, she's starred as Dawn Granger/Dove in the DC Universe show Titans.

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