Saints' Chris Olave makes juggling circus TD catch to keep NFC South hopes alive

A touchdown against a rival is good. A highlight-worthy touchdown against a rival is even better.

New Orleans Saints wide receiver Chris Olave picked the right day to have a big day. With his team in a fight to stay in the playoff hunt, Olave reeled in a magnificent 26-yard touchdown catch early in the second half to surge ahead of the Atlanta Falcons.

Olave's catch was part of the Saints' total second-half domination of the Falcons; after being tied 17-all, the game ended in a 48-17 Saints victory.

That's a triple-tap grab, tough to do even while uncovered, and nearly impossible when you're attempting to do it around the helmet of Falcons cornerback Clark Williams III.

(Via screenshot)
(Via screenshot)

The Saints have had an up-and-down year and came into the day needing, at a minimum, to win themselves in order to make the playoffs. But the Olave touchdown, and a few more the Saints added soon afterward, put them well on the way to controlling what they could.

In a year, most likely, that Saints fans will want to forget, this was a highlight catch to remember.