Rob Riggle on his Chiefs fandom & celebrity-filled NFL group text | Zero Blitz

The comedian & actor joined Yahoo Sports’ Jason Fitz to discuss his beloved Kansas City Chiefs and the stacked group text with a long list of notable celebrities. Hear the full conversation on “Zero Blitz” - and subscribe on Apple, Spotify, Stitcher or wherever you get your podcasts.

Rob joined Yahoo Sports on behalf of the National Mall of Pickleball, taking place on September 28th in Washington, D.C. For more information, visit

Video Transcript


JASON FITZ: Jason Fitz from Yahoo Sports hanging out with Rob Riggle. I didn't even give you time to finish your drink. You know, I just-- I'm so excited to talk to you because, frankly, huge fan of your work. Always have been a huge fan of your work, but we have beef right out of the gate because I'm a lifelong die-hard Raiders fan. You're a die-hard Chiefs fan. You've had the better of it for I don't know what feels like my entire damn life, but how you feeling after week one of this season?

ROB RIGGLE: Not as good as you're feeling because your Raiders won. My Chiefs lost. And you were the only one in the AFC West to win. So right now, you're kind of atop the AFC West undefeated, loving life. So enjoy it. Enjoy it.

JASON FITZ: Do I do I trash talk that, or do I-- I think I have to wait a little while. It's going to come crashing down soon, Rob. Like, I feel like I got to wait a little while.

ROB RIGGLE: Now you sound like a Chiefs fan from the '80s and '90s because that was always the case. Like, the Raiders-- I grew up with the Raiders stomping on us a lot. And if it was a coin toss, the Raiders-- it felt like the Raiders always got the-- always got it. So you're right, though. Recently, that has changed. But, yeah, listen, we lost the first one. Sloppy play. Anytime we-- I'm not worried. I just feel like we got Patrick Mahomes. We'll sort it out.

JASON FITZ: For all the celebrity that you have and for all the celebrities so many NFL fans have, I don't meet as many celebs that are huge fans of the Chiefs. Like, it seems like a smaller-- like, do you have like a group text going with other famous Chiefs fans that you want to name drop for us?

ROB RIGGLE: Oh, my gosh. This is documented. Feel free to Google. Whatever you got to do. Feel free to Yahoo.

JASON FITZ: Yes, thank you. Thank you for that.

ROB RIGGLE: Yeah. Paul Rudd, Jason Sudeikis, Eric Stonestreet, Dave Koechner, myself, Brad Pitt, Heidi Gardner, you know, Melissa Etheridge, Dr. Phil. Go down the line, and, yes, we're all on the same chain, and, yes, we do talk a lot of smack.

JASON FITZ: Who are you trash talking? Is there some-- is there somebody out there that's other than me when we become besties, is there somebody else you're trash talking?

ROB RIGGLE: Besides you?


ROB RIGGLE: Oh, boy. Oh, boy. Well, there's another Raiders fan who is the road manager or the manager for Maroon 5. He's a big Raiders fan, so we like to give him a hard time.

JASON FITZ: On Thursday, the 28th of September, you have a huge pickleball event. I want you to tell us about the event, but also, like, why pickleball? Like, what got you into pickleball?

ROB RIGGLE: So I resisted pickleball in the beginning because everybody was hyping it up and talking about it, and I thought the name was silly. So I was, like, you know, I got things to do, man. I don't have-- well, then I went and played it. It was actually a lot of fun. This event that we're doing in Washington, DC at the National Mall is going to be so much fun. There's all these people coming in. We're going to have massive pickleball tournaments and fields-- or courts. And everybody's going to be playing. And I just came off a leg injury. So I can't get out there yet, but I will be there line judging, judging just personally. But having a blast.

JASON FITZ: The event is Thursday, September 28. It's you, Katie Couric, members of the DC pickleball team. A bunch of famous people involved in it. I wish I was there to judge you. But, I mean, I wouldn't judge you, but maybe judge you. I just love the idea of a line judge looking over and saying when they're like, was it in? I don't know but your shorts look spectacular. That's really what I'm looking for.