RNG's Letme on his performance this split: 'I’ll continue to work hard. I don’t want to brag about myself.'

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Letme is the top laner for RNG (Dionne Ng)
Letme is the top laner for RNG (Dionne Ng)

Royal Never Give Up have advanced to the LPL final for the third split in a row. After taking out EDward Gaming, they will now face Team WE in the final next week. If they win, they will represent LPL for a second time at MSI. Following their 3-1 win over EDG, the team fielded questions from press.

In the first game, EDG picked Ivern, and Liu “Mlxg” Shiyu decided to invade the enemy jungle. How did you decide to execute this plan?

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Mlxg: In a scrim, I played Ivern, and I was invaded upon by a Lee Sin player. This was a disaster for me, so I decided to study this matchup.

In the next match, you will face Team WE. Is there anything you want to say to them?

Coach Lee “Heart” Gwanhyung: Let’s both make it to Worlds.

In the second game, why did you pick Nidalee?

Mlxg: Nidalee suited our composition. I’ve also played it in scrims.

Why did you draft a poke comp in Game 2 against EDG’s somewhat tanky composition?

Heart: When we play poke comps in scrims, we do very well, so we decided to use it here.

Shi “Ming” Senming, what do you think is the reason for today’s victory?

Ming: We made fewer mistakes than our opponents, so we could catch our opponents’ mistakes and win.

Jian “Uzi” Zihao, it seems this might be your best chance to win an LPL. Is there something you want to say to your opponents, fans, and teammates?

Uzi: I want the team to continue working hard together and improve, but I also want this for the enemy team so we can face them at their strongest.

Heart, today you replaced Coach Huang “Firefox” Tinghsiang and were able to defeat EDG. How do you feel about this?

Heart: It was originally supposed to be Firefox on stage today. If he were here, he would also certainly win.

How much confidence did you have before playing EDG?

Heart: About 60-70% confidence since I haven’t helped the team in scrims a lot [NOTE: Heart spends most of his time coaching Royal’s LSPL team, Royal Club]. If I had helped them more, probably 90%.

Heart, as a South Korean coach of an all Chinese team, how do you feel?

Heart: I can also speak some Chinese, and we all get along well and have a pretty close relationship. We don’t see a division between Korean and Chinese. When I speak Chinese better, the environment will be really good.

Yan “LetMe” Junze, how do you feel about going to the Grand Final? How do you feel you’ve played this season?

LetMe: There are a lot of areas in my play that I’m not satisfied with. I’ll continue to work hard. I don’t want to brag about myself.

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