Rickie Fowler blasted a 458-yard drive that surprised fans crossing the course

Rickie Fowler didn’t win the Scottish Open, but he produced the most unbelievable highlight from the event. In the third round on Saturday, Fowler smashed a 458-yard drive that surprised fans trying to cross the course.

How did Rickie Fowler crush a 458-yard drive at the Scottish Open?

The situation set up perfectly for Fowler. He teed off on the 10th hole with the wind blowing in the direction of his drive. Not only that, but he benefitted from the hole being downhill.

Even with those advantages, Fowler still crushed the ball.

Why were fans on the course when Rickie Fowler hit the 458-yard drive?

The fans were crossing the course at a spot they figured was so far away from Fowler that they would be safe. The underestimated the conditions — and Fowler’s power — and wound up panicked as the ball came down.

In the video, you can see the ball rolling safety in the background beyond the fans. No one was hit or injured.

Where does Rickie Fowler’s drive rank among the longest golf drives?

Turns out, 458 yards is a long distance. A March article on measured the 15 longest golf drives on the PGA Tour since 2010. Fowler’s 458-yard blast would rank second on that list. Even if that list isn’t fully up to date, that’s one heck of a drive.

How did Rickie Fowler perform in the Scottish Open?

Fowler finished tied for sixth place at the event.

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