Report: Key Sixers players believe James Harden may leave for Rockets

With as much as $60 million in approximate room beneath the NBA’s salary cap this offseason, numerous reports in recent months have linked the Houston Rockets with a potential James Harden reunion in 2023 free agency.

To that end, in an article published Wednesday, Kelly Iko and Sam Amick of The Athletic write that “the whispers about a Harden-Rockets reunion are louder than ever.” They add that Houston expects to receive a meeting with Harden, once he declares for free agency.

Citing sources, Amick and Iko note that Harden is very fond of Houston’s young talent, notably second-year guard Jalen Green.

But despite all the reporting, many fans continue to wonder if Harden would really leave one of the NBA’s best teams at present, the 76ers, for a rebuilding Houston squad that owns the league’s worst record for a third straight year. Some have pointed out that Harden’s camp could simply be using Houston’s potential interest as leverage to try and get a better contract out of Philadelphia.

With that in mind, there’s a very interesting anecdote from The Athletic’s story pointing to the legitimacy:

Why, as is the case, do some key Sixers players privately believe that Harden may make this Houston reunion a reality? These are questions for the summertime.

Even as the Sixers try to chase down a championship, it appears that key players who share a locker room with Harden and a common goal of that pursuit are not confident in him staying.


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Story originally appeared on Rockets Wire