Relive all 8 Justin Jefferson touchdowns from 2022

The Minnesota Vikings had a very successful 13-4 season in 2022 and Justin Jefferson was a major part of that. He caught 128 passes for 1,809 yards and eight touchdowns throughout the season and was a dominant force for the team.

His eight touchdowns came on a variety of plays.

  • 4 of them came on the opening drive

  • 3 of them came in the fourth quarter with the game very much in doubt

  • The lone outlier came on a two-minute drill in week one

Here are each of Jefferson’s eight touchdowns in all of their glory.

Week 1 vs Green Bay

This one is simple. Jefferson runs a sprint motion to the nearside and causes enough confusion with the defensive backs that he strolls in for an easy score. Not a bad way to open up the first drive of the season.

Week 1 vs Green Bay

Green Bay had all kinds of coverage breakdowns in week one because they weren’t prepared for what the Vikings were doing. This is dual deep crossers and both defenders follow Adam Thielen, leaving Jefferson wide open.

Week 9 at Washington

Here, Jefferson just outmuscles Benjamin St-Juste. This is a corner route/out route depending on how you look at it (he’s running to the back pylon) and he just Moss’s St-Juste for the touchdown.

Week 10 at Buffalo

Opening drive of the game once again and this is a simple go/fade route. Cousins just layers the ball to Jefferson and it’s easy money.

Week 12 vs New England

Another opening drive touchdown for Jefferson. He runs a crossing route and Cousins hits him at the exact right time in the window and Jefferson gets an easy score.

Week 13 vs New York Jets

The Vikings had to fight hard to win this game and Jefferson got the game-winning touchdown. Here, he sets up D.J. Reed at the top of the stem with a stutter step and gets enough separation to catch the game-winning touchdown.

Week 15 vs Indianapolis

In the Vikings comeback against the Colts, Jefferson scored the third touchdown of the game. He runs a modified return/whip route. A return route has you breaking outside quickly only to come back inside whereas a whip route is the exact opposite. He combines both to stun All-Pro Stephon Gilmore and gets the touchdown.

Week 16 vs New York Giants

The Vikings needed a touchdown here at the end of the game against the Giants. What is really impressive about this throw and catch is how small the window is. Jefferson has to extend to get the ball and scores to put the Vikings ahead.

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Story originally appeared on Vikings Wire