Reggie Bush getting Heisman Trophy is a victory for USC over the NCAA

Reggie Bush receiving his 2005 Heisman Trophy is a personal victory for Reggie and a moment of vindication for him. It is also a victory for USC over the NCAA after the governing body of college sports levied draconian and wildly excessive penalties against the school.

Trojans Wire wrote this about the NCAA in 2020:

“USC’s greatest sports villain is not a man. It is not a UCLA Bruin or a member of the Notre Dame Fighting Irish. It is not a player or coach from any other Pac-12 school. It isn’t the SEC or anyone from it. It isn’t the Big Ten or anyone from it. It isn’t a Pac-10 or Pac-12 commissioner, even though USC fans didn’t like Tom Hansen and really don’t like Larry Scott.

“No, USC’s greatest sports villain is an institution.”

We are talking, of course, about the NCAA. The investigation of USC in 2010 has been proven to be a sham on several different levels. The NCAA unfairly went after Reggie Bush, who has now been vindicated. The NCAA unfairly went after Todd McNair, who has been vindicated. Everyone can see now what USC people knew in 2010: The NCAA wasn’t playing it straight. Never forget that.

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Story originally appeared on Trojans Wire