Real Madrid’s ‘arc of success’ is coming to an end

FC Yahoo

On the Blackjack table, the deck can become hot, leading to a sustained period of winning for experienced players. It may be hot for a short period, or a surprisingly long time. But it cannot stay hot.

In that way, those shuffled decks are like a sports team. The players can enjoy winning momentum for varying amounts of time, but they can’t keep winning forever. What goes up must come down, and all that.

This roundabout casino analogy is relevant for Real Madrid right now, who are in the midst of their trophy-winning arc on the big stage.

They have the opportunity to win a third consecutive Champions League this coming weekend, but all the signs suggest they may have peaked with their double trophy win last season.

Now, they may be on the descent of their victory arc.

Essentially, their deck is no longer hot.

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