Rare footage shows hippos attacking lion stranded on rock

A lion that had become stranded on a rock in a South African river soon discovered that it had much larger problems.

The accompanying footage, featured Tuesday by Latest Sightings, shows several hippos confronting the lion and one hippo in full attack mode, forcing the lion to leap and flee toward shore.

The encounter, captured by Steyn Jacobson and witnessed by guests of South Post at Kruger, occurred on the Crocodile River in Kruger National Park.

Latest Sightings explains that several agitated hippos began to circle the rock when all of the sudden, according to Jacobson, “A big hippo went for the lion, and the lion had no choice but to jump off and into the water. In the end, another hippo went for the lion, but luckily, he missed it.”

The young male lion, possibly trying to cross the river to establish his own territory, was not injured during the encounter.

–Image courtesy of Latest Sightings

Story originally appeared on For The Win