Randy Moss leaving Monday Night Football in new ESPN contract

Randy Moss is only gracing television screens for NFL Sundays from here on out.

The legendary former Minnesota Vikings receiver reportedly negotiated a new contract with ESPN, and per the New York Post, the contents of the deal included his exit from Monday Night Football.

Moss was ultimately the one that made the decision to discontinue the show on Monday nights. Pro Football Talk’s Mike Florio pointed to the tight traveling schedule as being a possible reason for this decision.

On top of all of the homework demands that come with the job, there’s the flying into Bristol, then flying to the actual Monday Night Football game location and then flying home again.

The mileage really does begin to add up.

But it’s definitely good news that he’s at least staying on at ESPN on Sundays. Who wants to even imagine a world without the acclaimed “You Got Mossed” segments?

Story originally appeared on Vikings Wire