Raiders players give Josh McDaniels low grades on NFLPA report card

Raiders players weren’t thrilled with head coach Josh McDaniels in his first season in Las Vegas.

The NFL Players Association’s report card for the Raiders makes clear that the players thought McDaniels didn’t listen to them and kept them in the facility too long.

“At this workplace, the lowest graded category was the coaching staff,” the NFLPA said of the Raiders. “Player respondents felt that Head Coach Josh McDaniels is less likely to listen to his players and keeps them for longer hours than other Head Coaches around the league. Longer hours are not correlated to winning, as seven of the top eight coaches rated as being most efficient with their players’ time in the 2022 survey made the playoffs this year.”

Raiders players otherwise like playing in Las Vegas, however, particularly the team’s high-quality facilities.

“With their new facilities in place now for nearly 3 years, we heard from multiple players on other teams the request to ‘make the facilities more like Vegas,'” the NFLPA said. “The workplace is mostly state-of-the-art, and 90% of players believe that club owner Mark Davis is willing to spend money to upgrade the operations if needed.”

The players like the facilities. They just wish McDaniels wouldn’t make them spend so much time there.

Raiders players give Josh McDaniels low grades on NFLPA report card originally appeared on Pro Football Talk