PFT's 2023 Week 2 NFL picks, Florio vs. Simms

It's a new year. And it's too early for me to say, "Wait 'til next year." Even if I'd like to.

I had a pathetic 7-9 record straight up in Week 1. I was slightly better against the spread, at 8-8.

Simms won the week with 9-7 and 11-5. He leads the straight-up contest by two games, ATS by three.

This week, we disagree on five games straight up, and we differ on six against the spread.

The full video is here. Specific videos for specific games will be seen in this post and elsewhere through the weekend, as they are generated.

Vikings at Eagles (-6.5)

Neither of us think the Vikings have the horses to overcome the Eagles on a short week. Simms thinks it will be close. I think it will not be a blowout, but that the Eagles will be able to cover the spread.

Florio: Eagles, 24-17.

Simms: Eagles, 24-20.

Packers (-1) at Falcons

We're both encouraged by what the Packers did in Week 1. Simms has a lower scoring affair. I think the over/under of 40.5 is too low.

Florio: Packers, 30-24.

Simms: Packers 20-17.

Raiders at Bills (-8.5)

The Bills are quickly in must-win mode after blowing a sure thing on Monday night. I think the Jenga tower will stay upright for at least another week. Simms is rolling the dice on an upset. If Simms is right, things could quickly get interesting in Buffalo.

Florio: Bills, 31-20.

Simms: Raiders, 24-20.

Ravens at Bengals (-3.5)

I see it as a must-win for Cincinnati, after the Week 1 steamer they dropped in Cleveland. Simms believes Baltimore can pull the upset, despite a rash of early injuries.

Florio: Bengals, 28-24.

Simms: Ravens, 24-23.

Seahawks at Lions (-5.5)

I was skeptical about Detroit before last Thursday. I am not skeptical now. It will be loud, it will be raucous, and the Seahawks might not be able to block Aidan Hutchinson.

Florio: Lions, 34-20.

Simms: Lions, 31-24.

Colts (-1) at Texans

A pair of rookie quarterbacks meet for the first time ever. Anthony Richardson showed promise and potential for the Colts in Week 1. Simms believes in the Houston defense, however.

Florio: Colts, 24-21.

Simms: Texans, 20-17.

Chiefs (-3.5) at Jaguars

The Chiefs need this one. They need to get the ball to players who will catch it. The Jaguars have an underrated roster; Simms believes they'll send Kansas City to 0-2.

Florio: Chiefs, 27-24.

Simms: Jaguars, 28-24.

Bears at Buccaneers (-2.5)

The Buccaneers looked very good on the road in Week 1. The Bears looked not very good at home. Simms still thinks they'll cover. I do not.

Florio: Buccaneers, 23-17.

Simms: Buccaneers, 19-17.

Chargers (-3) at Titans

It's always something for the Chargers. This week, it won't matter. The Tennessee offense can't keep pace with L.A., and Ryan Tannehill has to be wondering when he'll be benched.

Florio: Chargers, 27-20.

Simms: Chargers, 28-24.

Giants (-5.5) at Cardinals

The Giants were embarrassed at home to start the season. If they can turn the page, they should be able to return the favor to the Cardinals, in their home opener.

Florio: Giants, 28-17.

Simms: Giants, 24-17.

49ers (-7.5) at Rams

The 49ers simply have better players, and they're on a mission to rip through the NFC in 2023. Simms thinks it could be close in the fourth quarter, with the 49ers eventually wearing them down.

Florio: 49ers, 33-21.

Simms: 49ers, 31-14.

Jets at Cowboys (-9.5)

Does anyone think the Jets would win this one even if they had Aaron Rodgers? With Zach Wilson, the Jets can keep it close, if they can avoid an early-game onslaught.

Florio: Cowboys, 27-20.

Simms: Cowboys, 21-17.

Commanders at Broncos (-3.5)

Denver played well in Week 1, well enough to win. The Commanders screwed around with an overmatched Cardinals team.

Florio: Broncos, 24-17.

Simms: Broncos, 23-17.

Dolphins (-3) at Patriots

The Dolphins are just too good, on both sides of the ball. We both like the road favorites to win, and to cover.

Florio: Dolphins, 28-23.

Simms: Dolphins, 28-24.

Saints (-3) at Panthers

The Panthers continue to be a work in progress. The Saints are working on making some real progress.

Florio: Saints, 24-20.

Simms: Saints, 23-14.

Browns (-2) at Steelers

The Steelers were outclassed and embarrassed at home. Mike Tomlin surely won't let that stand. Simms thinks it won't matter.

Florio: Steelers, 17-14.

Simms: Browns, 23-20.