Peyton Manning Recruits Bill Belichick to Omaha Productions

Former NFL quarterback Peyton Manning is drawing up a play to get former New England Patriots head coach Bill Belichick a new gig.

Manning is recruiting the veteran NFL head coach, renowned for his succinct and monotone press conferences, to join Omaha Productions, according to The Athletic.

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If the former Indianapolis Colts and Denver Broncos quarterback is successful at bringing Belichick on board, his vision would include a potential pairing of Belichick and former Alabama head coach Nick Saban for a “ManningCast” style broadcast on ESPN, The Athletic reported.

Other big names involved with Omaha Productions include Sue Bird and David Ortiz.

The Athletic reported that Belichick has met with CBS and NBC as well.

Peyton and his younger brother Eli, the former quarterback of the New York Giants, offer an alternate “ManningCast” during Monday Night Football” on ESPN2. The Manning brothers also invite guests from the sports and entertainment world for interviews, commentary and predictions about the game. Season four of the ManningCast will debut this Fall.

Peyton founded Omaha Productions in 2020 and named it after his famed cadence of “Omaha, Omaha!” to call audible before the ball is snapped.

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