Penguins fans react to Kris Letang’s second stroke

The news that Kris Letang had suffered his second stroke came as a huge shock for Pittsburgh Penguins fans.

Most cannot believe the star defenseman had a second stroke and they are now left wondering when he will be back on the ice.

“I’m shocked. I didn’t know that happened to him,” said Steven Smith, a fan.

Fans say they were excited when Letang signed a new six-year extension with the Penguins this past summer. Now a few months later, fans were hit with is unexpected news.

Some fans said they are concerned about Letang since he has similar health scare back in 2014. He was sidelined for more than two months due to a stroke.

“I hope it’s not serious or not too bad,” said George Everitt, another Penguins fan.

Others are wondering how this will impact the team’s season since Letang is a key player.

“Hopefully it will be short-lived. He will be able to practice and recover to the point where he can come back and play and we can all enjoy watching him play again,” Smith said.

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