Patriots exec Eliot Wolf says opportunity to draft Drake Maye superseded trade offers

There were plenty of trade rumors surrounding the New England Patriots and the No. 3 overall pick heading in the 2024 NFL draft.

Many thought there was a chance the Patriots would actually consider trading the pick. Instead, they stood pat and selected quarterback Drake Maye from North Carolina.

From the sounds of it, the Patriots didn’t come close to budging off that pick.

De facto general manager Eliot Wolf sat down with ESPN’s Adam Schefter on Wednesday and discussed the potential of the Patriots trading out of the No. 3 spot. New England ended up taking Maye and focusing on the offensive side of the football for most of the draft.

Wolf indicated that the Patriots stood firm in their decision.

“Not close, not close. …We were listening throughout the process, we weren’t stringing these teams along. No one ever, like, the opportunity to pick Drake  (Maye) superseded anything that anyone offered,” said Wolf. “There was nothing out there that made us come off our plan.”

The Patriots clearly liked what they saw in Maye, and it would have likely taken a lot to move them off that pick. Time will tell how Maye pans out, as the organization looks to rebuild on offense.

Story originally appeared on Patriots Wire