Patrick Beverley 'can't help' if people get irritated by his defense

Johnny Flores Jr.Yahoo Sports Contributor

Patrick Beverley plays stellar defense. Sometimes, it makes opposing players like Golden State Warriors forward Kevin Durant angry. But, Beverley wants those players to know it’s not intentional.

Speaking to reporters after the Clippers’ 135-131 victory over the Warriors, the biggest playoff comeback in NBA history, Beverley discussed his role on the defensive front.

“I don’t try to get in people’s head man,” Beverley said via The Athletic. “I can’t help (that) people get irritated by me. It’s not my fault. I go out there and I try to be the best defender on the f***** planet, consistently – (day) in and out, in and out. I take my role, I take my job, very seriously, and I do it for my teammates. I do it for my role, and I understand how to get stops. KD is not an easy cover, but it’s fun out there for sure.”

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An ongoing battle

In Game 1, both Beverley and Durant were ejected late in the fourth quarter after receiving two technical fouls each. Durant finished the contest with 23 points.

Prior to the ejection, both players were going at it throughout the game.

Speaking after Game 1, Warriors head coach Steve Kerr said, “[Beverley is] a hell of a defender who plays hard. I have a lot of respect for him. But you can not take the bait because, that’s a bad trade for us.”

Heading into Game 2, Beverley focused his efforts on Durant, helping hold him to 5-of-8 shooting and nine turnovers. Durant would later foul out of the game.

Speaking on covering Durant, Beverley said, “I just feel like he’s the best, you know? No disrespect to their team, but he’s one of the best players in the world ... I felt like me covering KD would help our team and I wanted to set the tone.”

With the series now tied at 1-1, the Warriors and Clippers will meet in Los Angeles for Game 3 on Thursday, April 18.

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